The main objectives of the project are:

  • Demonstrate a low-cost CO2 capture technology (25 €/ton CO2) that will produce a high purity CO2 stream (>99%) so that it can be easily exploited with little or no need for further purification.
  • Achieve a laboratory CO2 capture efficiency of >90%.
  • Investigate ways to optimize the capture technology and the catalytic process through the discovery of new CA enzymes. The aim is to minimize the consumption of both the enzyme/catalyst and the solvent (K2CO3).
  • To produce a CA enzyme with high-temperature resistance (75 – 85oC) and mechanical strength that minimizes the need for replenishment. The enzyme should be able to be produced on an industrial scale at a cost competitive with available technologies.
  • Utilize CO2 for the production of high value-added products (e.g. green methanol) and validate (proof of concept) the production of experimentally confirmed safely consumed proteins.
  • Consider alternative technologies for utilizing the net CO2 produced.
  • To contribute significantly to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the lime, magnesia and cement industries.
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